The eBusiness UK Association (eBUK) is a professional association dedicated to promote excellence and support individuals and organisations involved in the field of ebusiness and ecommerce.

The association aims to support individual and organisational experts in e-business fields by creating knowledge and professional exchange networks and also by linking them to education and various industries. In more details, the following missions are pursued:

  • Fostering and improving e-business/e-commerce professional standards;
  • Sharing professional knowledge and experience;
  • Discussing on concepts of website development and engagements;
  • Advocating on behalf of e-business professionals;
  • Creating communicational network among all e-business experts;
  • Development of curriculum standards;
  • Publishing articles and books, professional papers and journals;
  • Organising and sponsoring events and conferences;
  • Providing a forum for raising and supporting new ideas;
  • Developing security, legal and marketing white papers;
  • Promoting awareness and jobs within the e-business profession;
  • Creating and fostering collaboration between business, industry, career organisations, education, government and the e-profession;
  • Providing education resources and certificates that will assist students, teachers and career agencies to prepare for e-business profession and employment;
  • Supporting development of associations, organisations and community groups that share our values;
  • Assisting all industries with the adoption and application of e-business and related technologies to encourage their presence and development in the digital economy;

The Association depends on its managing and scholar boards and also its members to attain the mission and targeted statements. There are various levels of memberships to enrich the community with members in different levels of knowledge and experience and from different related technical and business sectors. Although, non-member individuals and companies are being provided with advice and services, members receive priorities and value added benefits such as free trainings, resources, etc.