Our Services

Professional services are offered by eBUK's technical boards and associated national and international service providers and vendors. Members enjoy prioritised and premium services available in their membership plans.

Our Features


Legal advice



Online shop certificate



Social media support



Partnered vendor discounts



Professional forums



Industry news



Technical courses



Job directory


Premium Features

We aim to provide our members with the following professional requirements:

  • Technology, trends and market awareness;
  • Professional standards;
  • Up-to-date web development knowledge;
  • Communication with experts;
  • Targeted databases and publications including directories, white papers, books, journals, article, etc.;
  • Enhanced revised e-marketing strategies and tactics;
  • Opportunities for business collaborations with other industrial and academic sectors;
  • Trust-marks and certificates brininging more trust;
  • Technical and legal advice for both national and international ebusiness collaborations and contracts;
  • Ways of promoting awareness and jobs.
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